Flipagram For Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Most of the Smart phone users and owners of mobile devices look for one key feature in their devices. That the camera. The camera specification and its features are very important factors while making a decision to purchase a gadget like this. Taking pictures and making videos has become a common practice. You get to preserve your precious and special moments in these devices and cherish them later on. There are hundreds of imaging and video making apps and softwares available to facilitate the users in this subject. One such application related to moving media is called the flipagram. Available in almost all types of mobile devices you can also download flipagram app and use it to enhance your movie making capabilities.

Flipagram  for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Flipagram is among the most popular applications current topping the charts on various software and app lists.  The basic concept of the app is that it helps in creation of slideshows using your selected image files saved on the smart device. Once you have downloaded the application and you launch it for the first time it can be integrated and connected with your facebook as well as your Instagram account to access image files. You can also make a slide show using the images captured by the device itself and saved in the camera roll. Thus flipagram is an app used for the creation of short video clips using your images.

The image files used on the app are known as moments. There is no restriction on the number of images that you use for the creation of the video. The quick toggle option ensures that the video length is in accordance with the requirements of Instagram or any other platform where you want to share or upload it. The speed of the image progression and movie motion can also be adjusted according to your likings. The app has the option to add title or credits to the movie as well. There is a good variety of fonts and colors to choose from. In the free version of the app, a watermark is created on every moment and video clip that you make. If you want to remove this mark, you need to unlock the removal feature using a $0.99 fee. After you have purchased this feature you will not only remove the automatic mark but will also be able to add your own.

Flipagram  for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

The app comes with a variety of amazing features. One of these is the ability to add audio or music over the video. You have the option to select the exact audio clip and crop it according to your needs and requirements. You can decide what start and end points to use. The video can be saved to the device or gallery or it can be uploaded on the facebook, youtube or any other online platform directly.

Simple download links are provided below:

On the whole, the flipagram app is a very interesting addition to the media softwares and provides an amazing user experience to its users.

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