Five Things You Must Know About Viber

Just when Skype was enjoying its popularity, an app called Viber extended its services to major platforms in addition to the iOS like Android, Windows and Blackberry. The app is excellent and amazed users al across the globe with its service of free calls over Wi-Fi and data connections.

Since its beginning, the app has achieved a variety of milestones. Here are five things you need to know about Viber:

Viber – The Free Calling App

Viber is utilized by a large number of individuals to make free calls. Likewise, it can help you send free messages and free picture messages. As per a current update, it is accessible for desktop machines, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Android, Blackberry, and iOS.

Viber The Free Calling App

Viber is striking for rapidly adjusting with your current contacts, and for not obliging clients to enlist preceding making a call. Viber obliges a 3g or Wi-Fi association with utilization.

The App Has Over 1Million Users

TechCrunchnotes that Viber has 350 million exceptional enlisted downloads. Of those clients, 100 million are dynamic simultaneously on the administration. Regardless of the huge number of clients, this enormous name application has a few issues to fight with, as TechCrunch notes:

The App Has Over 1Million Users

“Viber, though growing, is up against some big challenges. The messaging space is as hot as it can be, especially with Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp.

Rakuten Acquired Viber for $900 Million

Not only does Viber face competition from other messaging apps like WhatsApp, Line, KakaoTalk, etc., but it also faces competition from the platforms themselves, like Apple and Android.”

Rakuten as of late paid $900 million to procure Viber. Rakuten, a Japanese organization, additionally possesses numerous other tech properties. Among Rakuten’s different acquisitions are e-perusing stage Kobo, Spanish streaming feature administration, and Viki, a worldwide feature streaming stage that crowd sources subtitles.

A Desktop App Has Been Updated for Viber

As per PC Mag, Viber simply overhauled their desktop application. The new form of the desktop application has a visual change. Moreover, the new form of the application is more sticker-centered. One thing that individuals affection to do on Viber is impart by means of “stickers,” which add a considerable measure of pizazz to a discussion. Presently, the sticker menu is all the more unmistakably shown, and could be docked to the side of the application.

Engadget notes that the sticker correspondence offer in the new overhaul is a gimmick that numerous clients will discover engaging and which customers should keep an eye on.

Viber Faces Tough Competition from WhatsApp and Skype

GSM Arena notes that Viber isn’t the main informing application that is vying for customer consideration. As per GSM Arena’s research:

“Viber has been evolving rapidly for some time now. The messaging service recently set to challenge Skype with its Viber Out calling service.

Viber Faces Tough Competition from WhatsApp and Skype

The messaging service world is particularly cutthroat nowadays with giants like WhatsApp and Facebook fighting the likes of Skype and BlackBerry Messenger.” When you have loved ones abroad, the use of Viber to keep in touch with them becomes a must!

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