Facetime Free Download For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Facetime is a video calling software which has been released by Apple Inc. and released on iOS and Mac.The program can be downloaded on any Apple device which has a front camera called the Facetime camera. Similarly, the audio is available on any device which has iOS 7 or later as its operating system.

Facetime free download


Facetime is the ultimate video telephony software which can be downloaded on any Apple device with the required specifications. The program allows the users to engage with each other in video calls as well as audio only exchanges. Facetime is known for its quality superiority over the other similar types of softwares which include the likes of Skype and Viber.

By using the program, the users can make group calls as well as one to one connections. Groups can easily be made and the users can be added without any inconvenience which is another huge plus for the callers. The application also has an instant massaging option which allows the users to have small short term interactions with each other. Some emoticons and other graphics have also been included in the software which can add fun and color to the conversation.

Adding and removing people from the connections list is very easy in Facetime. The users have to send each other friend requests with a personal message which can be accepted or discarded by the receiver. The added friends can be added to other lists as well like friends and family which makes it easy for the callers to arrange their contacts in a more convenient manner. Deleting contacts is also quite easy and only takes a couple of clicks which is followed by the option of permanently blocking the deleted account.

Users also have the option of adding their details to the account while using Facetime. Display pictures can be added by the users as well as their location and cell phone numbers to allow other people to see their information. However, the information can be protected by using the privacy settings which can be set for friends as well as other people who have not been added in the list.

Facetime free download

Facetime is known for it being light weight and very easily manageable. The program, unlike its competitors does not consume the battery of the device on which it is installed too much. Some of the features of the application can be suppressed too for the devices which do not have a great battery life which is very suitable for the average users. The audio calls as well as the video ones are known for their incredibly good quality and the users experience no or very little glitches and interruptions during their calling experiences.

How to install it:

Facetime can be downloaded and installed by using the following link:

Facetime free download

By clicking the link, the user is guided through the installation process which is very easily understandable. Once the program has been installed, the users can start adding their contacts and engage them in audio and video calls.

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