Dragon Vale  Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Launched by one of the best developers of video games and apps, DragonVale is a growing masterpiece of BackFlip Studios. The game can be downloaded for free from the apple store or the android apps market.

Dragon Vale  Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

Although the app is free it comes some very good premium upgrades. Dragon Vale is a simulation type game that is similar to managing a zoo on a floating Island in a magical world. The theme of the game is fictional and full of imaginary creatures and characters. Over the playing period of the game the name of islands will increase gradually. The major inhabitants of these islands are the Dragons which not only spill out fire but also ice. The player of the game required to provide them with nourishment, breeding facilities, hatching their eggsand much more.

These days a lot of simulation games are available in the market. But Dragon Vale is a very simple and easy to play app that has a lot of innovative features and functions.  Sometimes it does feel like the run of the mill type but then again many players enjoy this kind of the genre of games. This means that whoever has the hearts for simulation games will love this little wonder as well.

Dragon Vale  Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

The games main aims or goals that urge the players to keep on going is the collection process of the dragons. As there is a large variety available players want to collect one of each type to feel a sense of accomplishment. The issue with this is that its only after the egg hatches that you find out the type of dragon in it. So it’s a total matter of chance. The very process of shaking and cracking of the egg creates excitement and curiosity as to which dragon could it be.

The controls are simple and swift and do not require much navigation. You only tap around and swipe the screen left and right to move on various parts of the magic Island. The menu options are also very well defined and fast to respond. The game becomes more interesting and intense with the sound effects music. Although for those who do not like the extra loudness they can disable this feature as well.

You can download Dragon Vale from the following links:

The game is simple and easy. The ease of playing and smaller challenges can be less interesting for many habitual gamers. The game is ideal for those who like to wander in imagination and enjoy mythical stories and creatures. This game will definitely be a wonderful experience for those people. The graphics are superb and the bright and vibrant colors keep the audience spell bound for hours. The game is addictive and can be played by any age group. The more you play the more you get attached. Because you look after the dragons and nurture them into growing and becoming full adults, you develop a sense of emotional longing for them. This is a great game and is especially loved by the simulation lovers.

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