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Doodle Jump is one of the famous Video Games. People are looking for Doodle Jump Online for PC and Laptops. If you like to play online games, then you should search for different sites offering online play for different racing / arcade games.

Doodle Jump is a video game developed by Lima Sky. It runs on Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry, Java mobile, Nokia Symbian and Xbox.It was released of iOS in 2009 and later for Android and Blackberry in 2010.

Doodle Jump has become extremely popular since its relase for various platforms. The inspiration for Doodle Jump came from Sunflat Games’ PapiJump. The characters in the game are based on illustrations by Elise Gravel. There are nine platforms on which Doodle Jump can be played. Doodle Jump for PC Windows 8/7/Vista/XP may also be available as the PC Version, where from you can download the game on PC/Laptop.

By December 2011, Doodle Jump had been sold 10 million times over Google Play and iTunes. Across all platforms, this figure had reached 15 million. Doodle Jump Game is one of the best Android Games that may also be available for PC Windows 8/7/Vista and XP. If you are looking for Doodle Jump Cheats, then I would like to say that you should play free games always to optimize the fair scores. You may Play Doodle Jump Online on PC, but you may have also an account to for the Doodle Jump Online Play. The Secrets / Secret Codes for Doodle Jump can make the game easy, but you should not use them for fair play.

Play Doodle Jump Online Free Apps for PC Windows XP,8,7,Vista

The main objective of the game is to provide guidance to a four legged creature which is known as the Doodler so that it can reach up a series of platforms. The user must make sure that the Doodler doesn’t fall off. If the user has an accelerometer, they are able to tilt their devices from one side to the other so that the Doodler can be moved in the required direction.

There are various objects that provide a boost to the users. These include the propeller hats, rockets, springs, jetpacks and shields. The Doodler needs to avoid the UFOs and monsters. This can be done by either shooting or jumping. The users can aim by tapping on the screen. There is an aim mode present in Android and Windows Phone versions of the game.

The projectiles can fly straight out of the screen or they can fall off by gravitational effect. The game has no definite end, however, the end of each session comes when the Doodler falls off the screen, collides with a monster, sucked inside a dark hole, or is kidnapped by a UFO.

There are several different themes from which the players can choose. These include the Halloween, Christmas, Space, Rainforest, Soccer, Easter, and Ninja, Ice blizzard or the original. With the changing theme, the appearances of the Doodler and his enemies also change.

There are two bonus level with every world where the task is to achieve a coin. Likewise, there are specific obstacles in every world which are all creative and implemented gradually. There are power-ups that would help in overcoming these obstacles. On one level there is a weapon that allows the Doodler to freeze everything including the enemies and the platforms. On another platform, he gets a grenade that can break rocks that are blocking his way towards the coin. Every levels has been designed with great attention to detail.

The free version of the game is almost identical to the paid version, however, there are several features that are not present in the free version like the UFOs. In the free version, the user also sees the advertisements which also limit the level to which the Doodler can jump.

The game has received very favorable reviews from the critics. The sound and the graphics of the game have also been praised.

Now you can Download the Doodle Jump Game from Google Play Store by Clicking Here. After download the Doodle Jump App, you will be able to play Doodle Jump Android Game on Mobiles. So I would like to say Best of luck for your first play of Doodle Jump For PC / Mobile.

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