Deer Hunter Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Deer Hunter is a hunting game which has been released on Microsoft Windows and can be downloaded for free. As the name suggests, the game is built around hunting down deer by using various weapons. Deer Hunter is a one of a kind game and is set up in a very natural environment with trees and pastures in every direction.In the game, the player has to hunt down a host of different animals by tracking them down and aiming for them and shooting them at the right spot. There are many hunting games on the internet these days but Deer Hunter is the real deal.


The main objective in the game is killing wild animals which are sometimes harmful as well by using a variety of powerful weapons.  The players do not have to chase down a particular target and can move from one animal to the next. A small area of space is allotted in each hunting case on which the shooters can move about and get a better chance of having a clear view so that they can strike the animal.

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In Deer Hunting, the part of body of the animal where the gun is fired makes a huge impact. Hitting the head of the animal by the bullet makes it to die immediately and the player is rewarded with maximum points. On the other hand, hitting the limb of the prey results in lesser points and the shooter may have to fire again to bring the animal down.

Upgrades and Unlock Items:

Deer Hunt also features an in game cash system and the shooters are awarded with cash for each kill that they make. A head shot results in more cash being rewarded while using multiple bullets to hunt an animal down brings in lesser cash. The cash which is earned in the game can be used for making purchases which include gun upgrades, location unlocks and buying of new weapons.

Deer Hunter Free Download

In Deer Hunt, there are several missions which require the player to be on a specific gun upgrade level. Therefore, regularly buying upgrades is extremely crucial to the progress which the player makes as failing to do so rules him out of several high level quests.

Game Modes:

Just like most super hit games, Deer Hunt also contains many game modes. One such mode is the contract hunt mode in which the player is assigned a set of tasks which he has to complete under given conditions.

Deer Hunter Free Download

Another game mode is the Trophy Hunt mode in which the player has to unlock new locations by completing a set of tasks. Over the course of the mode, many new locations are unlocked which makes it possible for the player to try his luck in new avenues.

How to download it?

The game can be downloaded by following a link and going through various steps in an installation window. One such link is given below:

Deer Hunter free download

Deer Hunt can be played by using very easy controls and multiple inputs like mouse and keyboard.

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