Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows 7/8/xp

The dark knight is currently one ofthe most popular games on Android. Though there are some areas in the game that improved, it is still one of the best dungeon crawler currently available in the mobile market.

 Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows

The main highlight of the game is its graphics and remarkable animations. The main character, despite being clunky at times, can performs a few cool things. Moreover, the characters are very appealing to the eyes. Dark Knight offers many item models that can be paired with the rest of the items that the user will be able to gather during the course of the game. Some of them can be reused though with similar identities and names.

The gameplay of the dark knight is worth mentioning. The graphics are remarkable though there are some chances of improvement.  The user gets to choose the abilities that he wants to use. He may also improve some of the pre-existing graphics. Unfortunately, the developers could not do justice to the aspect of character customization. However, it must be noted that it is still very good in this game. The problem is with the lack of variance between the characters. The color in each level are different but the structure of each levels is somewhat similar to the other levels. Generally, this does not pose a big problem if the scenery changes at least five to six times.

Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows

The speed of fighting is fine enough, a little bit slow, if you want to be overly critical. However, the speed does not bore you at all. The intensity factor in the game is just plain and the user, at times, feel a little annoyed.

Overall, the gameplay is fine if you are not seeking a high intensity high adrenaline game.Something may annoy you at times but that is tolerable especially with respect to the other more positive aspects of the game. The user can play in different modes that are all nice. There is a wide selection of other things that the user can do besides playing the main game.

Dark Avenger can be downloaded from the following link:

Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows 7/8/xp

Dark Avenger is very easy to pick which does not need a lot of time spent on learning the rules of the game and getting familiar with the characters and the tasks. The length of the levels is reasonable – neither very short not very long. One level can take at least minutes, but time depends on the gear that you have accumulated as well as the level the user is crossing. There are four different classes that a user can play adding to the high replay value of the game. If you are able to maximize all your powers, there is little doubt that you will be able to enjoy hours of entertainment be brought about into the game improving it both functionally and mechanically. Besides all these things, it is really an addictive game and a great pastime when you want to indulge in lighter things.

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