Cut the Rope Game For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

One can gauge the abilities of another person to solve puzzle very easily in the real world, however, analyzing the same in an interactive setting is quite difficult. Cut the rope is your best choice in such a situation. Cut the rope is series of puzzle games based on physics. It is developed by Zeto Lab which is a Russian games studio. The games runs on several platforms as well as devices. It was published by Chilingo. There is the original Cut the rope, its sequel Cut the rope: Holiday Gift, Cut the rope: Experiments, Cut the rope: time travel and Cut the rope 2.

Cut the Rope Game For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

The main objective of the game is to feed candy to Om Nom who is a little green creature. You must also collect stars while doing this. By 2012, Cut the rope has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The developers of this game have based it on the puzzle solving abilities of the individuals. The player must solve a puzzle in order to obtain candy for the green character.

Apparently, the green creature, Om Nom is always waiting to put his hands on a candy. The game offers several puzzle levels all of which require to win cadies for Om Nom. During the course of the game, you can also garb some super powers for Om Nom.

 Cut the Rope Game For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows 2

There are stories regarding the main character. These mostly pertain to his childhood. While you play the game, you will see tiny videos as well as flashed that will enable you to get a know-how regarding the background story of any particular level. The sound quality and graphics of the game are simply remarkable that will make you fall in love with the game once you start playing it. The graphics are mature enough and devoid of childish stuff despite the fact that the game itself is based on some activities of Om Nom when he was very old.

Cut the rope has received several awards owing to its concept and slick design. Only a few game developers are able to think in such a way and create such great puzzles in an interactive environment. After installing the game on your smart device will need to solve in order to provide phone, you will start receiving constant automatic updates. With each update the performance of the game will get better. It will also add some new puzzles that you will have to obtain for Om Nom.

Cut the Rope can be downloaded from the following link:

Cut the Rope Game For iOS, Android, PC, iphone, Mac and Windows

Cut the rope is basically a precision game that also require occasional quick reflexes especially when new challenges are added to the basic formula of rope cutting. These challenges would include balloons, electric currents, spikes and blowers etc. The onthings that a casual player needs to do is try and put candy into the mouth of the main character. If you are more ambitious, you can also collect stars as you proceed. Cut the Rope is one of those games that come along in a very long time, and are enjoy by almost everyone.

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