Where’s my Water Game Free Download for Android, PC And Window 7/8/xp

Challenging games are always fun to play and you are always able to find a host of these games available for free over the internet. Where’s my Water is such a game which is available for tablets and androids.

 Where’s my Water Game Free Download

Where’s my Water has been developed by Disney and the name of the company attests to the awesomeness of the game. The quality and graphics of the game are what you would expect from a Disney released game.

The games, unlike most others, is not based on a war or a race that would want you to run for your life endlessly. Rather, it is a fun filled game that requires lots of wits. Where’s my will allow you to have a great experience and an impressive game play with which you will get addicted unless you do not like solving puzzles at all. The basic concept of the game revolves around solving some puzzles and getting that path for the water to get to the character that you are feeding. The water itself is in several different colors which is stopped form reaching the character in the game. The character is a little crocodile that is all set to take a bath but cannot until it is fed by you.

There are four different comic stories that have been pre-loaded into the game. The user can watch and get inside t story of t game. They can also get to know the comics as the game proceeds. With the help of these stories, you will come to understand why you are helping the crocodile get to the water. The free version offers a lot of puzzles. The developers have announced that the free version has at least 500 puzzles that can be solved with the minimum level of difficulty. The pro versions can be bought for just 99 cents.

Where’s my water can be downloaded from the following link:

s my Water

Beside the puzzles and games level, there are a few special levels as well, and bonus levels. These levels can be used for challenging yourself and filling your bag with several extra points. These could also be considered as bonuses.

Several levels also contain hazards that you are supposed to avoid or remove. There are algae in certainlevels that grow by absorbing water. There are also poisons and acids that can contaminate the water destroying it in the process. If you fail a level, you must start is all over again.

You objective is to make sure that the alligator in the swamp can get water for bathing. In order to get the water to the crocodile, you need to solve puzzles.

The water is above the alligator, and between him and water, there are lots of pipes. Your task is to find the best as well as the shortest possible way through the pipes for getting the water to the alligator. If you fail at the task, there will be no water for the alligator and it will not be able to take shower. Consequently, you will not be able to earn a single point.

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