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Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

Virtual chatting has become an important part of our life. People surf most of their time in chatting with their friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances etc. National and Global interactions via chat mediums are gaining immense popularity throughout the world. Hence the need of chatting soft wares is continuously increasing day by day. In order to fulfill this requirement, Samsung has come up with its brilliant chat software that is Samsung ChatOn. Samsung ChatOn is one of the best chatting solution provided by the company to facilitate its users and to let them freely chat with their fellas. The software isn’t only confined with the mobile phones but also can be accessed on PC and Tablet etc. Simple Registration and Startup: ChatOn is pre-installed in your Samsung device or can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. By simply clicking on the icon, just register yourself on the set-up screen, and a easy five digit code will be send to you. This code is mechanically picked up and added in to your account. Send & Receive Multimedia: Most of the times a picture says it all. Samsung ChatOn allows you send & receive multimedia files like songs, videos, pictures etc. to your ... Read More »

Truecaller: The New Call and SMS Blocking App in Town

Truecaller: The New Call and SMS Blocking App in Town

Blocking calls and SMS was never just a click away but now it is; thanks to Truecaller. This is a relatively new app on Google Play store that boasts a fan following of almost 25 million users. This app comes in two versions; the free and premium version. Truecaller not only blocks calls and SMSs but also has a wide variety of different features. Now you don’t have to become a victim of obnoxious callers anymore, just download Truecaller and relax. How Truecaller Really Works This call and SMS blocking application is comes with a fairly simple blacklist in which you can add numbers. But you will have to activate the SMS blocking feature by going into settings menu. However, there is a downside to this app; it does not have the ability to block whole area codes nor partial numbers. Once a number is blacklisted, the caller hears a ‘busy’ tone whenever he calls and you won’t have to cut the call. But you will receive a notification on the screen every time you get calls from a blacklisted number. However, users receive no notifications when SMSs are sent from a blocked number and neither can the blocked text ... Read More »

Tinder Free Download Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone, iOS and iPad

Tinder free download Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone, iOS and iPad

The world of mobile phones and smart devices has opened up a whole new market of softwares and applications. With a small digital device in the palm of your hand, your can do wonders. Be it games, documentation, reading, information sharing or any other field, smart devices and internet has made life easier and convenient for us all. Among the various types of applications and softwares available, Tinder is also a very well-known and unique app. Based on the concept of match making tinder has offered its users the facility of bringing people together through the internet. Marriage and relationships are one of the inevitable truth of the human life, Human being social animals need to have companionship and communication with some special in their life. Tinder helps people find their match. The concept of tinder was first launched in 2012 by a group of young individuals who wanted to bring to the world something unique. The software project was initially targeted and distributed among college campuses and students and was then spread as wild fire. Tinder is like an introduction website that launches in individual to a group of people who have similar interests and live in near vicinity. ... Read More »

Flipagram For Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Flipagram  for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Most of the Smart phone users and owners of mobile devices look for one key feature in their devices. That the camera. The camera specification and its features are very important factors while making a decision to purchase a gadget like this. Taking pictures and making videos has become a common practice. You get to preserve your precious and special moments in these devices and cherish them later on. There are hundreds of imaging and video making apps and softwares available to facilitate the users in this subject. One such application related to moving media is called the flipagram. Available in almost all types of mobile devices you can also download flipagram app and use it to enhance your movie making capabilities. Flipagram is among the most popular applications current topping the charts on various software and app lists.  The basic concept of the app is that it helps in creation of slideshows using your selected image files saved on the smart device. Once you have downloaded the application and you launch it for the first time it can be integrated and connected with your facebook as well as your Instagram account to access image files. You can also make ... Read More »

PhotoScape Free Download , Windows 7/8/XP

PhotoScape Free Download

PhotoScape is a photo editing program which can be downloaded for free on Microsoft Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. The program is one of the top photo viewing and editing softwares and is incredibly quick, efficient and has a large number of really eye catching features. The software was developed by a Korea based company called MOOII Tech and released as a fun photo editing app which can also be used for viewing thumbnails. PhotoScape has English and Korean as the built-in languages but other language codecs can also be downloaded free of cost. Features: PhotoScape contains a variety of excellent features and is the program with the most features available with it being absolutely free of cost. Even though it has a large number of options which can be used, the software is absolutely light weight and does not put an awful lot weight on the processor which is a huge plus. The most basic feature of PhotoScape is its photo editing option which allows the users to go through a variety of options. It also allows the users to view photos which have either been edited or not and has a slideshow feature too.The editing features which are ... Read More »

Viber Free Download for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Viber Free Download

With the enhanced need for information and data sharing and growing trends in technology making this world a global village, the need for better mediums of communication and connection are also increasing. In this regard the information technology industry is playing a major role. A large number of messenger and communication apps are available for various types of mobile phone devices and gadgets. Viber is one such very popular and widely used app in the market. It is free of cost and the users can download viber 3.1 apk from the following websites: Click Here Click Here Viber is a very popular application that helps mobile and smart device users to connect and communicate all over the world. As per statistics around 200 million people are currently using this app. It allows its users to send text messages, make voice calls and send and receive images or videos. It works well with wifi as well as 3G and 4G internet connections. Viber is compatible with a variety of software and operating systems including Android, Windows, Black berry, iOS and Mac. One of the best factors about viber is that it is free of cost and does not slow down with ... Read More »

Hike Messenger Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Hike Messenger Free Download

Whatsapp, Viber, Tango, ChatOn, etc.  The list goes on and on. Messengers are a great way to keep in touch with friends and family. It manages all your chat threads and, depending on different messengers, they also throw in some extras. Today you get to learn how to download Hike Messenger and run it on your PC. Hike Messenger, the brain child of the CEO of one of India’s cellular companies, was designed for both online as well as offline use. We’re all familiar with online use; you connect via Wi-Fi or a data package and start chatting. However in offline mode, you can only use SMS. This app does just that. It sends texts via SMS while providing the accessibility and features of a proper messenger rather than having you use your phone’s messaging options. This way your chat threads remain intact and you can make use of the additional features as well without feeling the lack of internet connectivity. Features You’re probably wondering how the company manages SMS’s through the app. Well it’s done through in-app credit. You can load up on credit which can be used to sending messages offline. Furthermore you’re also entitled to receive a ... Read More »

kik messenger download for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

kik messenger download

With the advancement of technology, mobiles phones have also become modern. With different features and applications, they have become one of the favorite belongings of people.  Many people use instant messaging and text messaging to communicate with their colleagues or friends other that the social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter. Mobile phones have become enveloping device that the present generation has grown acquainted to. Text messaging have become the important way of communicating with each other. With the innovation of phones that are designed around SMS communication, the trend of text messaging is being promoted convincing the users to purchase unlimited messaging packages, that different mobile companies offer. Most people download different instant messaging apps, such as Yahoo IM, AIM, Windows Live Messenger and BlackBerry Messenger, users of BlackBerry are familiar with this messenger. These applications are an amazing way of communicating with people and have their drawbacks and at times can be very annoying for mobile phone users, but as the future reveals there are news ideas that are springing from brilliant entrepreneurs, some ideas may end up being tricky but are user-friendly once to get to know them. A similar app ‘KIK’ is also designed for ... Read More »

Qeep Download For Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Qeep Download For Mobile

Qeep is a great place where one is able to meet new friends, find hot single people to chat with, and form friendships with great people. Qeep is s free application that allows you to flirt and chat. Other people also get a chance to interact with you through the same application. The photo blogging feature in qeep allows you to check out pictures from around the world and share with your own friends as well. The user can also play several great games with anyone through this application. It is an application for keeping in touch while having great fun. The green interface of the company may not be to the liking of majority of users who may take just a little bit more time in order to get used to it. The first thing that the user encounters is a welcome screen that informs him / her of all the great things that they can do with the help of the application. These include firing great sounds, sending almost unlimited QMS, blogging and posting pictures from the smart device, meeting new people and playing live games with friends and acquaintances. Initially, users are required to set up their ... Read More »

Blackberry Messenger For pc, Android, iPhone and iPad

Blackberry Messenger

Blackberry Messenger is an internet messaging and video calling application which can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Blackberry. The program has been developed and published by Blackberry and uses an identity called BBM pin to communicate from one device to another. Each Blackberry Messenger user has his unique BBM pin which can be shared with friends and fellow BBM users for exchanging messages and calls. Initially, Blackberry Messenger was made available for download only on Blackberry devices but was later released on Android and iOS as well. There are currently more than 85 million BBM users and the number is increasing day by day. Features: The most basic feature of Blackberry Messenger is its messaging and video calling. There is no limit to the length of the messages which can be exchanged by using BBM and there are confirmation notifications as well when the texts are sent, received and read. The users can also set status and display pictures on their profiles to keep the friends updated about them. A very interesting feature of Blackberry Messenger is that the users can exchange messages with multiple contacts at a time. Moreover, videos, music files and pictures can also be sent ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes