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Although Castle Clash is a regular same as before strategy games it has a sophisticated gameplay and advanced features that make it stand out among the other games of this category. Since its launch it has been downloaded by millions of users worldwide. It is especially popular in the Android based devices and smart phones. You can download the Castle Clash app from the Google store and also the Apple Store.

The game presents a diverse range of different features and a great mix of themes and settings. It is an imaginary world where there are several creatures from the fantasy world. But at the same time the game reflects great influence from the medieval times and a fusion of steam punk designing.  One such example of old and new fusion is the Mecha Man.The basic theme of castle clash is similar to other strategy based games that involves the setting up of a city layout and then managing various resources and missions to accomplish. For new players there is a comprehensive tutorial that guides you through various stages of the game and makes you understand the game requirements. The basic goal of the game is to set up a city and strive to gather the largest number of resources and enhance your power and strength through constructing new buildings and upgrading your troops and army.

 castle clash apk

The differentiating factor that makes castle clash more interesting than other rivals is that magically theme and hero systems that are in addition to the other regular modes. There are magic spells that are bought and sold among various players to upgrade your gaming level. These magic spells act is boosts at various levels and stages of the game and give the troops of the player extra advantages over their enemies in the game. The hero system plays an important role in the upgrade of player rank in the game. During a battle in the game the heroes may be lost or they may help you defend the attack. There is a wide variety of heroes available in the game and each one has its own strengths and ratings. Every player has an option of having multiple numbers of heroes and keeping them active as well. They can work on to improve their strengths, skills and standing separately.

How to play castle clash apk

There are two different themes that you can choose from. One is Arena in which you can compete your heroes with other players in the game, while the other is called the Dungeons in which the player only competes to win rewards and points. Both the modes are highly interesting and keeps you spell bound with their magic spell for hours.

Link to download the Castle Clash app for android users Click Here and for Apple devices is Click Here.

Castle clash is definitely one of the best contenders and rivals of the most popular strategy games of the time named Clash of the Clans. But its own unique features and content makes it a good downloading option for many.

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