Candy Crush Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Download the sweet and colorful world of candy crush saga. For those who don’t know about it now should know that it’s and app that is must have. Candy crush saga is a puzzled game made by the developer King. The game keeps on updating, new episodes and new levels itself, first on the Facebook, then on android and IOS system. This amazing app is a variation of match 3 games. Each different level of the app is filled with different colored candies. Some of the colors are tallow lemon drop, red jelly bean, the blue tempting lollipop and the lozenge in orange color. Download the exciting fun of candy crush saga or else you’ll surely be regretting after wards.

candy crush free download for pc

How to play

This is such an easy and interesting game that even a child would love to play it. If you look to the basic move of candy crush saga then the basic move is swapping horizontally and vertically the axis of two candies in order creating set of 3 candies having the same color. Each level of candy crush saga is time constrained means it has a time limit for the game’s objective to be completed. For instance some level of candy crus saga’s objective is to clear” jelly” by matching similar matches on top of it.

How to play Candy Crush

Increasing levels of candy crush creates hurdles for the players. In some levels you will face more difficulties. Candy crush saga levels will increase hurdles for you by introducing chocolates, bombs and etc. to block your way. There is a very good thing in candy crush saga which is that you can earn or either can purchase boosters in order getting assistance during completing a specific level.

Candy crush saga’s life

In the beginning you will get 5 lives but if you fail any level you lose your 1 life likewise if you fail five levels you will lose five lives, now does it mean, the game is over? No, no still you have a chance.Who doesn’t use Facebook, obviously almost everybody does. You can simply ask your Facebook friends to give you life. One more thing about boosters is that either you can get it by using Facebook credits or you can simply purchase it.

Candy crush saga’s life

Friends are needed for the next episode

Once you are done with all the levels of the first episode, you will need the approval of your 3 Facebook friends to jump to the next episode. If you don’t want to make request to your friends what else you can do is play the mystery quest. After playing 3 mystery quest the next episode will get unlocked easily

How easily you can download the great candy crush saga app

Downloading the candy crush saga particularly means double the fun in your life. There are many ways of downloading it; here you will get to know about the one.

Simply Click Here here you will see the option of candy crush saga latest version, beneath it you will see an option of “download now” after that your game will start downloading automatically. If your game does not start downloading in few seconds click the option once again and it will start downloading.

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