Camera 360 For ios, Android, PC and Windows

Camera 360 Ultimate is a photo editing software available for smart phone users. With the increased focus of smart device users on photography and image sharing, photo edition is a top most priority apps for many of them. Among the several hundreds of photo enhancement and edition tools available in the market camera 360 is a real effective one.

Camera 360 For PC Free Download

The application comes with a steep load of fun and extraordinary tools and features. The app provides two types of tools. One in which you can make live adjustments to the picture as soon as it is captured and the second option is to add filters and edition tools afterwards.

The camera 360 is not an ordinary or casual time of photo enhancement software rather it focuses on professional level of editing. Although the app lacks basic features like cropping, rotation, brightness adjustments and contrasting but at the same time it offers some of the finest and most diverse kinds of filters and shooting modes.

An example of the high class and unique shooting modes of camera 360 is the magic skin. This mode is specially designed for taking self photos. The app provides a long list of filters that can only make the portraits of you and others look their best. Another filter is sexy lips that can make your lips look reddish and beautiful. There are even tools to remove wrinkles and blotches from the faces of people photographed.

Camera 360 For PC Free Download 2

There are a large number of filters and image modes available for camera 360 users. Each filter has sub filters within its own category. Some famous filters include Ghost, Retro, Dream like, Sketch, HDR and many more. Therefore this app gives its users a lot of choices and options to choose from. By using multiple layers of filters you can make some really good images.

Apart from the filters there are also a large number of photo editing tools. These help make various adjustments to the captured images. It also have settings for auto timer, white balance, focus adjustments and an image stabilizing feature. The camera 360 produces great results even if there is little light on the photo venue.

You can download the camera 360 app from:

Another popular shooting mode is the tilting shift. This produces a blurring bar either horizontally or vertically of the image. It is very easy and convenient to use and has great effects on the photo. The color shift and black and white effects are quite pleasing to the eyes and creative for the mind.

There is another unique feature which is the audio mode. Along with the picture it also captures some five seconds clip of the audio. This like experiencing the sounds that were echoing at the time this picture was taken. The modes called photo splice and puzzle allows the app to act like collage maker with lots of borders, frames and patterns to choose from. With all its tools and features all photography enthusiast must download Camera 360 atleast once of their smart devices and give it a try.

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