Bubble Blaze Game Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

The casual gaming segment has hit the mobile app sector with a blast. There are hundreds of gaming apps available in the market. Some are totally free of cost while others may cost the users a nominal amount. Games like candy crush and angry birds have ruled the mobile games industry for quite a long time. but now people are shifting and try out newer games. One such interesting and popular game is Bubble Blaze. Workable on both android and iOS.

Bubble Blaze Game Free Download

There is a large category of smart device users who just want to play games that are simple, quick and easy and the same time provide the user with an entertaining past time. Bubble Blaze is one such game. Although when you first play the game it might look like any other puzzle or console game but when you get to play more you will start enjoying it a lot.

The game bubble blaze is inspired from an old 1990s video game named puzzle bobble. But it is not a true copy. It has additions of its own new original formula and attractions. It is like having a mini arcade in your own pocket. The plot of the game is quite simple and old. You have make matches of flinging bubbles as fast as you can. The aim is to pop as many bubbles as you can and move up the score board. It is simple and interesting and keeps the mind busy throughout the game. There is a cute little dragon character in the game that keeps the players entertained and provides useful tips and helps at various occasions. During this action special moves will give you powerups and boosters to help improve your scores and move you to higher levels. Playing the game and completing various stages gives the player a sense of accomplishment and thrill of winning. For completion of a given level you must attain atleast one star in that level. It is like a little adventure that makes you curious to move more and more forward.

bubble blaze game free download

The graphics of the game are ordinary like any other arcade game but are very attractive and brightly colored. The game has some lovable mini characters that provide assistance as you play the game. The cartoon graphics are pretty clear and sharp and gives a very good visual appeal to the gaming app.

you can download bubble blaze app from the links provided below:

The controls of the game are also like other such games. You can simply tap on the screen to make the bubble burst. On the whole, bubble blaze is an interesting game with an old concept. People of any age young or old can download and play the game. It is quite addictive and keeps its players engaged mentally and physically. It is a great game for passing time and keeping busy when you have nothing else important to do. So go ahead and must give it a try.

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