Bouncy Seed Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Puzzle games and mobile apps have been on top of the most popular video games list in the recent past. With the increased use of internet and smart phone devices every individual who owns such a gadget plays one game or another. Many popular are available for downloading on various networks. Some famous names include Farm heroes, Candy Crush and Marbles e.t.c. they have led their users to a level of extreme addiction. The time spent on such games has increased a lot. The game has a competing trend. You play with online friends and compare who scores the highest in various levels. Bouncy Seed is one such very popular puzzle game. Available on both android and iOS and every smart phone user must have played this game atleast once. It can also be downloaded on the personal computer using emulators like bluestacks. The game will remain same but the screen would be larger with better control options.

Bouncy Seed Game For PC

The bouncy seed is a simple puzzle based game that requires the player to accomplish various levels and go higher up. The doodle feature makes the game stand out among other similar apps. This feature is available not only for the smart devices but also on the PC. The story line of the game revolves around a seed named Paul. Paul has just come out of the soil and now requires sunlight to help him survive. Your goal is to help him through his journey and collect as much sunlight points as possible. The game features a large trampoline that is used to make the seed jump and collect the sunlight. The player has to ensure that the trampoline remains under the seed and let it jump up. The control mechanism is simple and brisk. Simply keep rowing your finger, magical spring board can be drawn and prevent Paul from falling down into the river.

Bouncy Seed Game For PC 2

You need to be quick and smart and run wisely through the various levels of the game. The game graphics are superb and presents a beautiful scenery of various seasons and landscapes. This is what keeps the players interest in the game. The feeling of scoring higher and accomplishing and completing various levels is very thrilling. Once a new level starts there is also addition of new interesting elements like wind, water, dynamite e.t.c. your aim is save the seed from all hazards and obstacles that come into their ways. At the same time keep adding up points and scores.

You can also download bouncy seed from the following links:

The game keeps the interest of the player at a very high levels and at the same time keep him glued to the app. The sound quality and visual effects are very bright and vibrant and looks pleasing to the eyes. The seed named Paul is the main character of the game and is very entertaining as well. It gives out a number different sounds and gestures and these are supported by the various types of faces made during various actions taken.

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