Blitz Brigade Free Download For PC, Android Windows 7/8/XP

The famous video game developer Gameloft came up with a new amazing application called the Blitz Brigade.  Launched as an online multiplayer game it is based on the World War II settings and theme. Being an online game you cannot play it without an internet connection in hand. The inspiration behind the development of the game is the real life heroes of the World War II battle fields. The game compatible with both android and iOS and can also be played on the windows based mobile devices.

blitz brigade free download

Although the gaming app is more or less similar to the famous hit Team Fortress II, its features and fun elements make it stand out in front of other competitors. The game can be downloaded free of charge and is an addictive adventure on your smart device. It has a superior gameplay based on team work and skills and although it may lack originality it is a still fun game to play.

The game features a wide range of cartoon like characters with great visuals and extra ordinary graphics. There are various player classes available from which you can choose your favorite. The game is based on team oriented play and is only in multiplayer mode. As already mentioned, Blitz Brigade is an online game and carries out matches of players based on a 6 V 6 concept. On the whole the players can unlock up to five major character classes. There is also the feature of buying and selling a wide range of sophisticated weapons that can be used as required in the game.

Unlike the team fortress app, blitz brigade has a standard dual currency system within the game. This is utilized to upgrade your weapons. The currency or coins are collected through normal gameplay and are used for buying weapons and one time use power ups and boosters. There are also diamonds to be earned and collected. These are provide through an IAP medium and are utilized to buy diamond based weapons, equipment and appearance items of the different characters.

blitz brigade free download

The stuff purchased through diamonds is far more powerful and long lasting than those bought by coins currency. Whether you are a new comer or existing player, working your way up the game is simple and easy using the powerful status boosters.

You can download the Blitz Brigade from the following links:

The interface of the game is quite good and effective and easy to understand. The controls are touch based and very swift in response. The auto aim feature is also a good addition for all those looking for a less difficult win. It is a very selection for those looking to get some good battle fighting experience on their mobile devices. But for those who are looking for competition on equal grounds and skill level, blitz Brigade may not be the best choice. For all the casual gamers who are looking for some adventure and fun time Blitz Brigade is an interesting and satisfying experience for them.

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