Blackberry Messenger For pc, Android, iPhone and iPad

Blackberry Messenger is an internet messaging and video calling application which can be downloaded on Android, iOS and Blackberry. The program has been developed and published by Blackberry and uses an identity called BBM pin to communicate from one device to another. Each Blackberry Messenger user has his unique BBM pin which can be shared with friends and fellow BBM users for exchanging messages and calls. Initially, Blackberry Messenger was made available for download only on Blackberry devices but was later released on Android and iOS as well. There are currently more than 85 million BBM users and the number is increasing day by day.

Blackberry Messenger


The most basic feature of Blackberry Messenger is its messaging and video calling. There is no limit to the length of the messages which can be exchanged by using BBM and there are confirmation notifications as well when the texts are sent, received and read. The users can also set status and display pictures on their profiles to keep the friends updated about them.

A very interesting feature of Blackberry Messenger is that the users can exchange messages with multiple contacts at a time. Moreover, videos, music files and pictures can also be sent and received but the shared data must not be more than 16 MB. By using BBM, groups like friends and family can also be made in which the shared contact can only be seen by the users who are a part of that group. Up to thirty friends can be added in a single group each of which can share their own messages, statements and use emoticons to add to the spice of the conversation.

Dashboard of Blackberry Messenger

The users can also share their locations by using Blackberry Messenger so that their friends can keep themselves updates about them. What’s more is that free calls can be made by using a Wi-Fi network and in the absence of a Wi-Fi connection, contacts can be reached by using network data.

How to Download It?

Blackberry messenger can be downloaded from a variety of sources depending on the device and operating system which is being used. Android users can download the application from the Google PlayStore for free while the iPhone and iPad users can download it from the Apple Store. For downloading the application, ‘BBM’ should simply be searched in the search box at the top of the store’s homepage and click the download button.

Blackberry users can employ a similar method for downloading Blackberry Messenger from Blackberry World.

Following links can be used for downloading the application:

  1. Click Here
  2. Click Here
  3. Click Here

How to Use BBM?

Once Blackberry Messenger has been downloaded and installed, it is very simple to use. But first of all, the user has to share his BBM pin with the friends to allow contact.

How to Use Blackberry Messenger

After sharing the BBM pin, the users can add any number of friends in their contact lists and simply send messages to them and share files. A group can be made by clicking on ‘create new group’ icon and adding up to thirty friends in that group. Blackberry Messenger is a very easy to use application and is one of the most efficient of its type.

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