Banana Kong Game Free Download for PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Anyone who is more than 30 years old and have played video games in his childhood must know the popular gaming character as Donkey Kong. Banana Kong has tried to cash on to the name and make itself known to the public as its successor. But this is not so. As donkey Kong was innovative, creative and interesting the Banana Kong is just another endless running with a large ape as the main character.

Banana Kong Game Free Download

You can try and download the Banana Kong form the following links:

Apes are known to love bananas. But here the bananas chase the large gorilla as he runs away from a large pile of banana that is trying to crush him down. The controls are simple and tapping on the screen lets the ape jump or duck down to save himself. Touch screen controls also allow you to move the ape down on to a platform to hide from deadly threats. If you tap the screen while the ape is jumping and is in the air a parachute opens that helps collect larger number of bananas and slows down the fall of the ape. Collecting more than twelve bananas will speed up your gap filling process through a swipe on the left. This is also necessary while crossing treetops and land mines.

There are also characters and creatures that help you on your way. The player can take a ride on a toucan or ask for help from a giraffe or a wild boar which makes the game more fun and interesting. It doe however take the attention off from the real target and get you distraction. There will be several different types of obstacles and hindrances on your way. Avoiding them is essential for successful play of the endless running game. There are obstacles of two types. One that will slow your running down while others will simply end the game.when you start playing the game starts at a slower pace and as you progress further the speed become faster and also the rate of encountering obstacles also increases. Rolling boulders, falling stalagmite and a large rosn lying in your path can all spoil your entire game and make you start all over again.

How To play Banana Kong Game Free Download

The graphic and picture quality of the game is quite amazing. The game runs with beautifully designed background sceneries of luscious thick forests and brightly colored trees. The sound effects are also well orchestrated with the game’s theme. The game has a simple and old theme and might not attract of layers to download this game at first but once you start playing your interest develops and the game keeps on running. The cute jungle creatures like all the birds, giraffes and boars make you feel like a real wild animal running for his life.

Overall the game is full of adventure and thrill and the never ending theme makes it highly addictive and liked by those who are looking for a good past time.

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