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Flipagram For Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Flipagram  for Mobile, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad

Most of the Smart phone users and owners of mobile devices look for one key feature in their devices. That the camera. The camera specification and its features are very important factors while making a decision to purchase a gadget like this. Taking pictures and making videos has become a common practice. You get to preserve your precious and special moments in these devices and cherish them later on. There are hundreds of imaging and video making apps and softwares available to facilitate the users in this subject. One such application related to moving media is called the flipagram. Available in almost all types of mobile devices you can also download flipagram app and use it to enhance your movie making capabilities. Flipagram is among the most popular applications current topping the charts on various software and app lists.  The basic concept of the app is that it helps in creation of slideshows using your selected image files saved on the smart device. Once you have downloaded the application and you launch it for the first time it can be integrated and connected with your facebook as well as your Instagram account to access image files. You can also make ... Read More »

Meow chat For PC Windows XP/7/8/Mac: Free Download

Meow chat For PC Windows

This is the era of communication and technology. Information sharing and communicating with people using various modes of technology has become a common and popular business in the world. With the growth in the use of smart phones and mobile devices, the number of apps and software available to carry out various functions on these gadgets has also increased manifolds. Social networking and connecting with various individuals through these apps has opened up new horizons of communications and relationships. With so more intense and easy communication and internet connections the borders between countries have vanished and distances have shrunk. The tool for meeting new people and making friends all over the world is in the palm of your hands. Whether it is family or friends circle or your professional coworkers, keeping in connection with them has become easy using the various communication app available in the smart software market. One such software is the Meow Chat. This app was launched over a year ago but it has gained popularity very fast. Since the time internet proliferated into the house holds and common man’s life, chatting with strangers and exchanging messages over various communication mediums has attracted people from all walks ... Read More »

Metal Slug 3 For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Metal Slug 3 For PC

The original game called Metal Slug has released in the 1990s,  by the famous gaming giant SNK. One of the most cherished themes of video games in the 80s and 90s was the gun and run style. Based on a traditional arcade platform the game was an instant hit in the world of video games. The extraordinary feature of the game was its hand-made artistic backgrounds and settings and the superior quality animation. The game featured a large number of characters that made the game better than the rest of its competitors. Metal Slug 3 is the third version of the same series. Being a sequel to its predecessors, the game has an extraordinary collection of music specially developed by the noise factory. Metal slug 3 was initially launched in the year 2000 but later on it was exported to various other platforms including the Xbox, Playstation 2, Xbox 360, Steam, Android and iOS. You can also download Metal Slug 3 on your smart device and get a feel of the real thrill yourself. During the course of its evolution, the game Metal Slug 3 has brought about many new features and innovations to the original version. The game has ... Read More »

Metal slug defense for pc, window 7/8/vista/xp

Metal slug defense  for pc, window

As the name depicts, Metal Slug Defense is an extension game of the famous gaming series by SNK called the Metal Slug. It has three successful parts before and now there is the fourth version. It is a 2 dimension video game that has a side scrolling gameplay. It is based on the gun and run arcade theme of the original concept. Although it is not the same level of gaming experience, metal slug defense has its own appeal and charismatic charm to it. The original metal slug was ported to the mobile smart devices but it did not have very good controls on the touch screen format. But the metal slug defense has an improved user interface and is specially design to fit the mobile screen limitations. It is compatible with both android and iOS and has a wide range of game title to offer the players. In the original metal slug player act as the soldier in the game and take hold of a weapon, run forward and avoid any obstacles that come in his way. There are several levels to complete and all of them are filled with enemy soldiers and other creatures that need to be ... Read More »

PES Manager game for pc, window 7/8/vista/xp

PES Manager game for pc, window

Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. Hundreds of thousands of people play soccer in school, college, professionally or just for fun. As the soccer world cup is held every four years, the fever of the game gets revived at an international level. The soccer fans all over the world look out any soccer related event that occurs in their vicinity. The smart phone and software market also offers a large variety games and apps on the soccer theme. PES manager is one such game. PES manager is a soccer management game that keeps its players addicted to soccer on their mobile phones and smart devices. There is a misconception among new players that all sports management games require a lot of knowledge about the game and a dedicated long hours of practice. However this is not true at all for PES Manager.  Unlike the traditional soccer of sports management apps, Pes manager is aimed to entertain the casual gamers who do not have lots of dedicated playing time. they play for short durations whenever they get a chance.   The app under consideration is a simple and user friendly and does not make the player ... Read More »

Tiny Dice Dungeon Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Tiny Dice Dungeon Game For PC

If you have spark for fantasy and imagination then Tiny Dice Dungeon is a great game for you. Based on the fictional character and a magical world full of warriors and wizards, the game is a fun filled wonder. Aavailable for playing both on android and iOS, this game has a huge fan following. The game has an adventurous theme with a role playing model. The main characters of the app are tiny fantasy heroes as depicted by the name of the game. They wander around in a magical world going from dungeon to dungeon and meeting different scary and terrifying creatures on their way. The main aim of the game is that whenever a player comes across one of these wild beasts he should try and tame it and bring it to peace. He should also work on raising a strong army which can help him conquer different territories in the fantasy world of the game. There will be hidden treasures and rewards during your journey and the ultimate goal is to keep your tiny hero alive all through the game. Many players and critics describe this magical adventure as an RPG wonder. The heroes of the game help ... Read More »

Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

Total Conquest Game Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows

Total Conquest is a builder and strategy game which is very famous. The user is required to make a Roman town complete with 3D buildings and resources. These are very rich in color and extremely fine in details. Apparently, the game is based on the Clash of Titans from which the gameplay is ripped. The production values of the game are remarkable. In simple words, Total conquest has managed to fulfil every expectations of the gamer that were abound owing to the fact that it is being created by Gameloft. The game is great fun to play, however, there are no new mechanics in the game other than the ones already established by the Clash of Clash of clans and the one so that came before it. Those users who have had the experience of playing a game from Gameloft before, would know that the production values for which the company is famous. The music as well as the art of the game is par excellence. The 3D offers sever benefits and no disadvantage. The animation of the characters is extra smooth with everything crisp even when the user zooms in while in action. The user is also able to ... Read More »

Smash Hit Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Smash Hit Game For PC

The video gamers all over the world have a thirst for new and unique games. Every one of them has different preferences and likings. They look out for new releases and upgrades on current games available on various platforms. One such very popular game in the industry is the Smash Hit. The game is available for android, iOS and even for PC. It can be downloaded from Click Here. The Smash Hit for PC can be played on windows 7/8 and XP. This is a very unique and different game will keep you addicted to your mobile device or PC for hours without any boredom or monotony. Try it once and you would not be disappointed by its performance and experience. The graphical presentation and technical performance of the game is quite remarkable and good. It has a very simple but tricky gameplay. The players find it very easy to play the game in the beginning as it is very easy to learn and play. However as the game progresses it becomes difficult and harder. The game can be downloaded for free, but it does offer its players with in app purchases that help you progress up faster in the ... Read More »

Danger Dash game free download: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Danger Dash game free download

Danger dash is a game with some awesome retro style graphics and excellent presentation. Although the theme is the same as a running character but the concept has been evolved and innovated creatively. The game comes with new power up options and latest obstacles course. Danger dash currently comes with only three characters to choose from but the developers plan to increase this number through newer versions. Temple run was the first game that introduced the running theme of a gameplay. It was an instant success and many followed the trend in one way or the other. For the last two to three years everyone has been jumping in the same bandwagon. If you are also a gamer who loves creations like temple run, subway surfer or angry gran run then danger dash is a must like for you. This is a mystery game with lots of cool graphics and special effects. Some of the fancy scenes and amazing back drops seem out of this world. The gameplay of the video wonder is pretty amazing as well. It is a run for your life and keeps away from the tigers that are following the main character or hero. You will ... Read More »

Dungeon keeper for pc, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Dungeon keeper for pc, Android Windows 7/8/XP

Those who are fond of video games and play it often in their free time can spend hours and hours simply on running after a large carrot on a stick. They have the stamina and the threshold level that can sustain tiring game situations and stages. They are always willing to go through various hard challenges, falling down into canyons, failing in games and levels again and again and still wanting to play more. They can grind their teeth, hit the tables, try out new strategies and simply come back for more and more action but still remain stuck on the game of their likings and fondness. But at the end when the game’s ultimate goal is achieved or a high score is reached, it gives the player the greatest level of satisfaction and intrinsic value. It may not be physical reward but its value is more than something money can buy. Thus keeping in view the popularity and addiction of video games, let us discuss of the very popular and latest edition of one such game called Dungeon Keeper for PC. Produced and developed by the Bullfrog Productions in the year 1997, the dungeons keeper is a strategic video ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes