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Fruit Ninja Game Free Download For, Android, iOS, PC, Windows 7/8/XP

Fruit Ninja Game Free Download For, Android, iOS, PC, Windows

Available for both Android and iOS users, Fruit Ninja are a highly addictive and playful game. Many people consider video games and entertainment apps as a sheer waste of time and effort, however those who are in favor argue that such games help build on mental and reactive skills and at times can give relaxation from the tensions and stresses of day to day life. With the proliferation and saturation of the smart devices and mobile phones in our daily lives, development of softwares and apps to support these devices are also on a growing trend. There are thousands of gaming apps available for users to choose from. Fruit Ninja is one such gaming app that is available free of cost. Although anyone who has used a mobile device must have played Fruit Ninja once, there are still some people who are new to this game. As depicted through the name of the game, Fruit Ninja calls for the player to slice a series of fruits that are tossed on the screen in front of him. it may sound simple but it reality it is very tricky. At the start the pace of the game is slow, but as you ... Read More »

Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Zombie Tsunami Game For Android, ios, pc and windows

The worst thing about being an Android user is that you have to wait for all the highly anticipated games. It becomes even more painful when archrival Apple has all these games and Android doesn’t. Just recently, one of the most famous Apple games, Zombie Tsunami was released for Android. Zombie Tsunami is a runner game. There are already quite a few runner games available on the Play Store. Some of them are top tier games and have successfully managed to retain the interest of the user. However, in the presence of these famous games, Zombie Tsunami has also managed to catch the interest of the user with the help of its very different approach and design.  Most of the new players try it only because it is an Apple product, however, once into the game they are hopelessly hooked to it. Zombie, or the undead creatures, has become the most famous creatures to have found their way into the world of PC and Smartphone games, movies and TV series. Having partnered with a genre that has been excessively overused may have sounded absurd at first, however, for Zombie Tsunami, it has worked. The main menu of the game couldn’t ... Read More »

Bouncy Seed Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Bouncy Seed Game For PC

Puzzle games and mobile apps have been on top of the most popular video games list in the recent past. With the increased use of internet and smart phone devices every individual who owns such a gadget plays one game or another. Many popular are available for downloading on various networks. Some famous names include Farm heroes, Candy Crush and Marbles e.t.c. they have led their users to a level of extreme addiction. The time spent on such games has increased a lot. The game has a competing trend. You play with online friends and compare who scores the highest in various levels. Bouncy Seed is one such very popular puzzle game. Available on both android and iOS and every smart phone user must have played this game atleast once. It can also be downloaded on the personal computer using emulators like bluestacks. The game will remain same but the screen would be larger with better control options. The bouncy seed is a simple puzzle based game that requires the player to accomplish various levels and go higher up. The doodle feature makes the game stand out among other similar apps. This feature is available not only for the smart ... Read More »

Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows 7/8/xp

Dark Avenger Game Free Download For Android, ios, pc And Windows

The dark knight is currently one ofthe most popular games on Android. Though there are some areas in the game that improved, it is still one of the best dungeon crawler currently available in the mobile market.   The main highlight of the game is its graphics and remarkable animations. The main character, despite being clunky at times, can performs a few cool things. Moreover, the characters are very appealing to the eyes. Dark Knight offers many item models that can be paired with the rest of the items that the user will be able to gather during the course of the game. Some of them can be reused though with similar identities and names. The gameplay of the dark knight is worth mentioning. The graphics are remarkable though there are some chances of improvement.  The user gets to choose the abilities that he wants to use. He may also improve some of the pre-existing graphics. Unfortunately, the developers could not do justice to the aspect of character customization. However, it must be noted that it is still very good in this game. The problem is with the lack of variance between the characters. The color in each level are ... Read More »

SpringPad For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

SpringPad For Android, ios, pc and windows

Spring Incorporation is a Boston-based company which has developed a terrific application for android users that is SpringPad Note. It’s a free web base application that rivals a numerous number of paid applications. It works on iPhone and works as a personal assistant and much more. You can download this application for free from various websites available on Google. SpringPad Note is the latest, pioneering and world-shattering application which not only links to the Cloud but is also capable of storing and organizing the information you save in it whatsoever. All the things which you save in it will get synchronized with your personal computer, your iPhone, iPad or mobile phone itself.SpringPad has a thriving feature of updating the information you contain or store with the relevant data like stock price drops to the cinema showtimes and each and everything in the middle. It not only saves the data but also organizes it in a manner you want. It organizes the data mechanically but you can divide everything if you desire whenever you want and in the manner you want. Like you can detach the personal and office files as you like.Because the SpringPad Note has a link to the ... Read More »

Samsung ChatOn For Mobile, Android, PC, iPhone and iPad

Virtual chatting has become an important part of our life. People surf most of their time in chatting with their friends, families, colleagues and acquaintances etc. National and Global interactions via chat mediums are gaining immense popularity throughout the world. Hence the need of chatting soft wares is continuously increasing day by day. In order to fulfill this requirement, Samsung has come up with its brilliant chat software that is Samsung ChatOn. Samsung ChatOn is one of the best chatting solution provided by the company to facilitate its users and to let them freely chat with their fellas. The software isn’t only confined with the mobile phones but also can be accessed on PC and Tablet etc. Simple Registration and Startup: ChatOn is pre-installed in your Samsung device or can be downloaded from Samsung Apps. By simply clicking on the icon, just register yourself on the set-up screen, and a easy five digit code will be send to you. This code is mechanically picked up and added in to your account. Send & Receive Multimedia: Most of the times a picture says it all. Samsung ChatOn allows you send & receive multimedia files like songs, videos, pictures etc. to your ... Read More »

Nimbuzz For Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Nimbuzz For Android, , ios, pc and windows

Nimbuzz is a very useful messenger that can be installed on a computer, laptop, mobile device, smart phone or tablet. It is a brilliant app that can help you make voice calls and chatting discussions. Although it only offers a basic genre of services, it is a well-developed app. The Nimbuzz is a multifaceted app that supports over 3000 types of mobile devices. It allows you to make video calls and voice calls to any part of the world. The app comes with a wide variety of features and options. The user interface is simple and convenient. It is compatible with both android and iOS softwares and functions smoothly on both. It allows the user to select various calling options on the mobile phone. There is also the feature of call recording and replaying. It is based on the VoIP connection and has lot of competition with other apps. On Wi fi the Nimbuzz voice and service quality is excellent howvever 3G connection did point out some variations. It works well with the Skype app as well and allows you to make telephone calls all over the world. Now nimbuzz is introducing its own nimbuzzout to meet its growing demands ... Read More »

Real Racing 3 Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Real Racing 3 Free Download for Android, ios, pc and windows 7/8/XP

Real Racing 3 is a great racing game developed by the famous Firemonkeys studio and published through the gaming giant Electronic arts or EA. Compatible on almost all computing devices and smart gadgets it works well with android, iOS, Black Berry and Nvidia Shield appliances.   The game is free to download but requires purchase of some support apps to get an advanced play on the app. In real essence this is continuation of the previous racing game sensation Real Racing 1 and 2. The game has some awesome features like 95 different licensed cars including Porsche, Audi, Bugatti, and Lamborghini and not to forget the all-time favorite Ferrari. Other features include 11 tracks and a 22 car grind for optimal enjoyment. The players must carry out continuous servicing and maintenance of their vehicles for good performance and this act requires using cash from in game sequences and real time zones. The game starts when the new player buys a startup vehicle which is Nissan Silvia S15. The overall game objective is classified into multiple different classes and tiers. The lowest class calls for playing three different races by the new player. In doing so the players must maintain their ... Read More »

Opera Mini Free Download For PC

Opera Mini Free Download For PC

The Opera Mini is a popular web browsing software that is optimal for using on mobile phones, smart devices and personal computing gadgets. Previously it was only available on Java ME enabled devices but now it is compatible to run on android, iOS, Symbian OS, Bada and even the windows smart phones. Opera Mini is a free downloadable software or app that is sometimes already installed in the mobile devices or provided by the mobile service provided as a marketing deal. The software company mostly makes money by getting search engine advertising deals, licensing the software to large corporations and paid book marks e.t.c. The Opera Mini is a modified version of the popular web browser Opera Web Browser used in computer systems. It has been evolved specially for the smart devices being excessively used in the market. The operations of the app is such that a request for any webpage is made to the Opera Software server which then directs them to the mobile device in a compressed and processed form. This activity makes the transfer much more faster and quicker because the data that is transfer is decreased and does not take as much time. There is however ... Read More »

Dead Trigger 2 Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Dead Trigger 2 Game For PC: (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Dead Trigger 2, a sequel of Dead Trigger, is a multi-platform single player zombie-themed shooter developed by Madfinger Games. It was released on October 23, 2013 for Android and iOS devices and in February 2014 for Facebook users. You can easily download the Dead Trigger 2 app from the app stores. Gameplay: It is a zomie-apocalypse-theme first persin shooter game. The game features numerous environments, progression system, upgradable and unlockable weapons and a number of story-based and quick play missions. Dead Trigger 2 is a free-movement shooter allowing the player to control the character’s movement. The game presents two different control paradigms aiming at zombies using different control systems. The advanced control system works exactly like the first game allowing the player to fie the weapon by pressing the button and additional buttons allows the player to aim down the weapon for better accuracy. The gameplay revolves around accomplishing the objectives while killing zombies. The player has a controlled amount of health that can be refreshed at the beginning of every mission. The player loses health when they get hit by zombies or environmental hazards but the health can be regained by getting a powerup from a special zombie or ... Read More » • Free Website Templates - Downlaod Full Themes