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In today’s revolutionized and fast paced world, each and every one wishes to remain up to date with technological advancements and innovations. Appy Geek is one of the vivid yet dazzling application which is developed by News Republic and is considered as the world’s number one tech news provider. You can download Appy Geek application for your iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux as per your requirement. It is one single platform that provides thousands of news and daily articles published via trusted sources on a regular sources.

appy geek for pc

Appy Geek is one of the best tech news application for smart phones and tablets and more. It is the perfect solution for those who don’t have time to search for all new and latest technological updates but desires to remain up to the date. Appy Geek brings up the finest tech news in an elegant, blissful and optimal user interface that allows its users to enjoy the updates on their devices.It fetches the unrivaled news from smartly laid-out user interface which includes TechRadar, The Next Web, T3 Magazine and Gizmodo and many more.

This applications is actually designed for the people who are curious for latest updates and are infobesity. One can stay on the cutting edge of the inventions by means of Appy Geek application, it is easy to install and simple to use. There are variety of topics to choose from, which delivers the comprehensive details along with pictures, videos and articles etc. You can choose the topic according to your desire and then enjoy the updates and news relevant to it.

Following are some of the features of Appy Geek Application:

  •  Personalize:

You can pick your favorite news channel via smart news reader, you can pick your favorite article out of the millions of them present on the app. You will never miss out the important news relevant to your selected topic.All the news can be viewed on a exceedingly dynamical graphic format. Appy Geek is smart enough to update you with the news of your desired of selected topic on its own.

  • Comprehensive:

Similarly with the articles, there are millions of articles present on Appy Geek which are from trusted sources. The articles are present in the complete and comprehensive form, like there will be pictures, videos and photos related with the article.

  • Tag Nav:

It is the most innovative exploring navigation system present in the Appy Geekthat works for the in-depth details of the topic.

  • Diverse Regional Editions:

Appy Geek is present in nine diverse regional editions to please the maximum audience throughout the world. The main editions are UK, USA, Germany, Italy, LatAm, Chinese, Spain & International.

  • Customization:

You can customize your RSS feed from your favorite websites on Appy Geek. Appy Geek helps you avail the comprehensive and complete coverage of all your favorite Tech products related news and updates. So be alert and updated with the latest and most up to he date tech reporter Appy Geek Application.

To download this striking application, visit the link below:

Click Here

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