Apps for PC free (Windows 8/7/Vista/XP)

Even with the advent of Smartphones and Tablets, Personal computers still pretty much remain in the business.Over the years, thousands of apps have been developed for using on Android, iOS and Blackberry Smartphones and this has caused the developers to design applications for PCs as well. Most of these applications can function on computers with relatively low specifications which has prompted millions of users to download them. These apps for PC contain the likes of Skype, Hike Messenger, Line, Tango and Instagram.


Viber is one of the most downloaded messengers on Android as well as on Personal Computers. It is a very efficient application and can be used for making free calls to other Viber users. Viber also has a video calling feature which functions without any lag whatsoever. Moreover, instant messages can also be exchanged by using the software which makes it a complete package.

viber for pc

Viber is absolutely free to download but one drawback of that luxury is that it shows ads which tend to be annoying at times. Another downside of the application is that it consumes a lot of battery time which makes it necessary for the device to be charged again.


WhatsApp is another messenger which can be downloaded on Personal Computers. The program does not allow the users to make audio and video calls but can be used for exchanging messages.WhatsApp can be used for chatting with single or a group of friends at any time and features an eye-catching layout as well. The application also has a large number of emoticons which contain various animals, traditional smileys and many other graphics.

whatsapp for pc

WhatsApp can also be used for exchanging audio notes, photos, videos and other media files with friends. The file transfer is very quick and efficient which enables the receiver to view or open the file almost instantly.

Candy Crush Saga:

Candy Crush Saga is a game which has gained prominence in the last couple of years. The game is free to download and is very easy to understand. In the beginning, the game is quite easy to play but as the stages go by, it becomes more and more difficult.

Candy Crush Saga for pc

The main objective of the game is to combine same colored jellies and line them together. Putting three or more jellies of the same color in line makes them burst and are replaced by the other ones with the player winning points as a result.

Temple Run 2:

Temple Run 2 is another super hit game which has been released as an app for PC. In the game, the main objective at hand is to outrun a giant chimpanzee who is the guardian of the temple from which the player has stolen an artifact.

temple run 2 for pc

While escaping from the temple, the player comes across a series of obstacles which he has to cross to keep away from the monster. The game is a never ending one and the player can only set scores at the end of the run.

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